LI Sudden Impact 18U Gold 2016 Summer Schedule

Schedules & Directions will be posted prior to each tournament 



Schedule for Saturday June 3rd

Edison Angels Complex 90 KilmeR Road Edison, NJ

9:45 SI VS Edison Angels (Field #2)

11:30 SI VS Fight (Field # 1)

     3:00 SI VS PA KRUNCH  (Field# 2)

Schedule for Sunday June 4th

9:45 SI VS Fight (Field #2)

11:30 SI VS Inferno Meister (Field #2)

Edison, NJ 


PGF Qualifier  

Schedule for Saturday June 10th

Double Elimination

Chimney Rock Fields 740 Chimney Rock Rd Martinsville, NJ  08836

8:00 SI VS Revolution

Edison, NJ


Pennsbury Inventationals

Schedule for Thursday  June 15th

Middle School 866 Big Oak Road, Yardley, PA 19067

6:30 SI VS Wagners Galbreath

Schedule for Friday June 16th

Allen Field  1500 Oxford Valley Road, Yardley Pennsylvania 19067

9:15 SI VS CT Seahawks Gold

Schedule for Saturday June 17th

Caiola Field 1100 Edgewood Road, Yardley, PA 19067
7:30 SI VS Top Gun Gold

Edgewood Field 1100 Edgewood Road, Yardley, PA 19067

11:00 SI VS Valley Forge Patriots

Single Elimination Starts



Asa National Qualifier 

Schedule for Saturday July 1st

10:00 SI VS Rock 18U Gold (Field LL2)

12:00 SI VS Pegasus (Field LL2)

Elimination Games start

2:00 SI VS NJ Gators (Field LL3)

If you win game, net game will be

4:00 SV VS ? (Field LLP2)


Voohees, NJ 


NJ Inferno Softball 

Schedule for Saturday July 8th

Edison Angels Complex 90 Kilmer  Rd. Edison, NJ

1:15 SI VS VA Legends (Field 2)

4:45 SI VS Conklin Raiders (Field 4)

Schedule for Sunday July 9th

11:30 SI VS Team LI- Galati (Field 2)

1:15 SI VS EC Elite (Field 4)

3:00 SI VS Inferno (Field 2)


Edison, NJ

Bluechip Wounded Warrior Summer Showdown

Schedule for Saturday July 22, 2017

Moriches Athletic Complex 649 Moriches Middle  Island Road Moriches, NY 11955

8:00 SI VS Team LI -Demarini (Field Mac 2)

11:30 SI VS SJ Mystics Gold -Jackson (Field Mac 1)

1:15 SI VS NJ Heist Gold (Field Mac 1) 

Schedule for Sunday July 23, 2017

8:00 SI VS CJ Fillies Showcase (Field Mac 3)

11:30 SI VS TC Tremors Gold





New England Finest 

Heckler Field (HF)598 Randall Road Wrentham, MA 02093
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Schedule for Saturday July  7/30

12:15 SI VS VA Glory (Heckler)

3:25 SI VS  CA Athletics (Heckler)

Schedule for Sunday July 31st

7:30 SI VS Cheetahs (Heckler) 

10:40  SI VS NJ Heist (Heckler)

12:15 SI VS Wicked (Heckler)

New England Finest Camp