Welcome to Long Island Sudden Impact Softball

Long Island Sudden Impact Softball is dedicated to the girls of Long Island and the tri-state area. We help promote the great game of fastpitch softball through training, camps and quality tournaments.

Our goal is to prepare the player for ball at the college level. 


Gold Team

Abigail Buell

Molly Cain

CarolAnn Campsey

Madison Casale

Savannah Coffelt

Kayla Daly

Allie Dellorto

Regan Goger

Jill Palmeri

Ella Rivera

Jaelyn Rios

Michelle Ruggiero

Emily Sannuto

Brooke Scheibe

Indoor Practices

All Island Sports Plex

Starting in Sept. we will be going inside on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Click on name above for directions to facility

18U Elite Team

Christina Loeffler

Kayla Pilotti

Isabella Calabrese

Arlene Miller

Ashley Benvengo

Hanna Brozyna

Mackenzie Graham

12u team


Harry Cain







2017 Fall College college  Players:

Gold Team-

                      Samantha Hurtado- Philadelphia University

  Alyssa Delaney- Queens College 2017

Jessica Hickey- Queens College 2017

Courtney Greene- Molloy College 2017

Kayla Daly- Caldwell University  2018

Megan McCormack- Post University 2017

Kaileen Cain- Caldwell University 2017

Elite Team-

Marisa Sagona- Queens College 2017

All Positions

Sudden Impact 18 Elite is looking for a All Positions...Must have good grades!

Please call Frank Lieneck for a try-out 631-872-9766.

Pitchers Catchers

Sudden Impact Gold is trying out players on an individual basis. if interested call or email using link.

Bill Havdoglous  email