About Us

We are a Gold team. For those of you who don't know what this means, we go to the tougher, if not the toughest tournaments. We also attend showcases and invitational tournaments. Only ASA and ASA gold. I want our players to have the best chance of being recruited. I want them to have all the advantages they can get.


What you can expect from the Sudden Impact program:

  • We will work hard for your kids.
  • We are committed to your kids.
  • We expect your kids to be committed to us.
  • We expect them to work hard for us.
  • We expect them to work on their own when they are not with us.


What’s expected from you?

  • We expect all players to maintain a high academic average in all subjects.
  • We expect commitment to the team
  • We expect them to work hard
  • We expect them to work on their own
  • We expect them to attend recruiting camps
  • We expect you the parents to support your daughters


You can’t be too ready, you have to
want it more than the other players.




We will assist each player in the recruiting process. It’s never too early to start. All we ask is that you do your part. Recruiting information and material can be found on our website.  We will provide recruiting meetings throughout the season.


Practice Schedule:

We practice year long.


What can you expect for fees?

  • There are fall and summer season fees
  • Uniform fees
  • Monthly indoor fees (seasonal& weather)
  • Travel fees: Hotels, air fare etc


* Dedication * Excellence * Commitment * Responsibility *
These are not just words...This is a way of life!